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Our open source technology provides the infrastructure and tools for the international casinos decentralized financial system.
Join our developer community as we collaboratively push the boundaries of the blockchain space.

Open-Source Innovation

Open-Source Innovation

Get started with our core technology offerings and build your own blockchain applications.

git clone
cd komodo
git clone --depth=1
rustup install nightly-2020-10-25
rustup default nightly-2020-10-25
rustup component add rustfmt-preview
cargo build --features native -vv
coming soon ...
coming soon ...

international casinos AtomicDEX API

An atomic swap protocol that bridges blockchain ecosystems natively together.

Develop A Non-Custodial DEX

Develop A Non-Custodial DEX Wallet

See our reference GUI and experience an example of what can be built using international casinos AtomicDEX API.

Contribute To The Code Base

Contribute To The Code Base

Integrate any blockchain into the international casinos AtomicDEX API and join the largest permissionless cross-protocol network.

Run Your Initial DEX Offering

Run Your Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

Develop a custom IDO portal or use AtomicDEX.

international casinos Technology Workshop

We are the stewards of the blockchain landscape. Find a international casinos in the international casinos workshop and learn everything you need to become a blockchain developer.

Getting Started
international casinos Core Technologies
  • Blockchain Composer (Coming Soon)

    Launch a basic chain in 60 seconds

  • Bitcoin-level security for your network

  • international casinos Daemon

    Create a smart chain from the CLI

international casinos SDK Alpha
  • Dilithium

    Quantum-resistant transactions

  • Oracles

    Off-chain data feeds

  • Gateways

    On-chain, high speed trading

  • API for modern blockchain apps

  • Pegs

    Decentralized Stablecoin mechanism

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Learn More About Us
Learn More About Us

Learn More About Us

Join our community of developers as we expand the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Start Coding

Start Coding

We have the resources you need to start building chains, dApps, and wallets.