A Thing About Kindness

Kindness is the hardest thing to give away,because it’ll always come around.

That’s my mum’s favorite line. She once mumbled that then I went like; hold on mum can you please repeat what you just said and let me type it out so that I won’t forget this. Turns out, it is true that the reason why we often see people hesitating when it comes to helping others its either because they don’t see a point in wasting their time and effort, there’s no benefit/reward, or sometimes when kindness is being unappreciated. People who’d rather be more obsessed in being fearful of giving out kindness; even a simple deed like giving away your seat on the bus to someone who’s NOT PREGNANT OR OLD but carrying loads of stuff is still an act of kindness.

You don’t need to find a reason to convince yourself that you should be kind today, right now or tomorrow; instill that value in you and you’d be surprise how it may come around when you least expect it. Haven’t you witnessed any situations in particular where you can’t comprehend why this person would do this for this other person although its not exactly a beneficial situation on his/her end? I’ve always had this odd situation where people tend to take my niceness wrongly, like they don’t get how come Ellie is so nice and friendly wtf; that sometimes it gets misinterpreted and judged. There is a mean and unfriendly side of me but I just choose not to bring out the other side of me. We all have our angels and demons deep within, so choose very wisely.

Truth is, I like seeing people around me happy and I do enjoy living a tiny impact on others’ lives. Even a tiny one would do, and lets just say its one life lesson learned growing up; where there was just this one moment where I wished that how I wish that there’d be this one random act of kindness from a friend to pull me out of a shit hole. Ask yourself this, we all don’t believe in the existence of kindness because you’ve not stumbled across one kind person working their magic on you.

Be that person, start doing one and you’ll be amazed how it changes your world forever. People may misunderstand you, wtf why is she so nice with a list of bad assumptions that follows; but once they get over themselves, they’ll realize that she’s genuinely nice and kind.   People walk with their eyes wide open, but they simple choose to shut their hearts out. Open up and you’ll realize that you’ve been leaving many people who’s knocked on your doors un answered.

With cousin Alysse in Melbourne yesterday. I’ve been more active on with my whereabouts and pictures here in Melbourne; so do follow me on twitter if you’d like to get updates. 

Do you turn left, when nothing is right? Or do you turn right, when there’s nothing left?