After The Rain

FYI that is not my finger.

Its 1am in the morning and I’m finally done with all my assignments. I’m finally done with my history presentation earlier this morning, had a spring cleaning session with the boyfriend (laundry,kitchen,toilet & bedroom), had a good one hour run on the treadmill at the gym which felt fantastic, shopped, caught up with my fav tv series, played basketball, dinner and finally Paranormal Activity 3 to seal the perfect day. Its nice to work really hard and just take a day off; and give yourself a treat. My daily schedule for the next couple of weeks before my finals is pretty much fixed. Probably get up at 7am to study for 3 hours, hit the gym for about 2 hours, lunch and back to studying again.

For some reason, I feel really pumped up to do well for my finals. The last two weeks of intense work was a good kick start, and now its just a matter of following through. Perhaps its because I’m happy, its good to feel so loved and focused on my studies. There’s so much planned up for my post exam holidays, and us heading back to Malaysia is definitely something to look forward to. I want to travel, and I will; definitely, need to make another trip to Singapore and Bangkok. I’m currently working my butt off to get in good shape for photoshoots when I get home, taking good care of my skin & I can’t wait to get back to my fiery red head. 

Earlier today. They’ve upgraded the court at my place, so we’ve been doing some training for basketball. Basketball is such a huge part of my life, it helped me grew. 

He is training really hard to kick my butt. Try harder Leon!!! :p

Its purely an act. 

Last night. 

My Tuesday went a little like this. It was a crazy day rushing back and forth, we had a concert at Melba Hall for our World Music Choir subject which was pretty fun I must say.  In the middle of rehearsal, Leon was so pumped up that he beatbox to Georgian classical songs. Had a good performance, spent the entire day working on my assignment at his place before camping in uni. Well no more assignments!

I can proudly say, he’s mastered the art of camwhoring.  Well done.

I had no idea why he posed this way until I upload the picture and saw the background.

Anyway, I wrote the earlier half of the past last night and I just woke up. Its noon, and I finally have my well deserved rest.  Haven’t been in tact with my emotions lately, this is me on the happier side. I’m happy because we don’t talk about the past anymore; all that feels so far away now. Definitely gonna celebrate our half year mark next week, somehow what didn’t break us only made us stronger now. Its nice to feel to have a boyfriend who wants to hold your hands all the time, and who laughs at you laughing while you watch How I Met Your Mother.

I have a contagious laugh. Just ask Jasmine Hu

Thats us trying out the new Facebook video call. I’m liking the new facebook profile layout.

Thats Leon with his mo-hawk. I’m the one who suggested and did his mo-hawk. It was scary on the first try, but I think I’m pretty good at it now. I reckon he looks better now cause its not exactly an easy hairstyle to keep up with if you were to pay 10AUD a week. I should start charging.  The only thing is, I have to shave it on a weekly basis and I’ve been doing it for months! Don’t be surprised if you see me at some barber shop back in Malaysia, don’t be surprised!

The mo-hawk is definitely my pride and glory although he looks a tad bit too bad-boy (which I love btw). Oh well, we all grow out of hairstyle eventually. Gonna hit the gym & do grocery shopping now. Its gonna be a good day ahead, movie & dinner date with Melissa Yang. Shall blog about my Sydney Birthday trip soon!

Till then, thank you for reading.