Who Uses Surrogates?

Surrogacy is a concept that has been widely explored even in the past. All surrogates are different and there are numerous factors that have the potential of influencing a surrogacy experience.

The main types of surrogacy are international or domestic, agency-assisted or independent, altruistic or compensated, traditional or gestational. These are all the available options that can be explored. This is why it is best to be aware and fully informed of every possible option.

Selection of a particular one depends on the needs. Just like Surrogate Parenting Services – a surrogacy agency, they have process for the surrogates and the intended parents. Continue reading the blog below especially if you are the intended parents or the surrogate itself. 

Who uses surrogates?

It is good to know exactly who uses surrogates, they include the following:

  • Same-sex couples – Many gay couples especially men sometimes utilize donated eggs as well as the services of surrogate mothers in creating a family. It is a practice that is rapidly growing and is also gaining public acceptance. In addition, the medical community has validated it.
  • Personal decision – Some people make personal choices regarding using surrogates. This makes it a social choice rather than a medical one for such people. Modern families support the idea that all people have the right to build their families in ways that support personal choices i.e. surrogacy.
  • Uterine structural problem – Some women have uterine defects or inherent conditions that makes child conception a challenge. Alternatively, this might make carrying a child to term impossible. In some instances, malformation of a woman’s uterus might have a minimal impact on conception but might affect properly carrying a child to term.
  • Lack of uterus – There are rare genetic malformations that may make a woman to lack a uterus. Some women have also had the uterus medically removed as a measure of managing cancer. Lack of a uterus eliminates all possibilities of a woman bearing a child.
  • Medical conditions – Some women suffer from medical conditions that affect the ability of a woman to carry a child rather than her ability to conceive one. Mostly, carrying a healthy baby to its full term is difficult because her health will deteriorate. There are also medications that might be administered for the treatment of unrelated health problems that might put the health of an unborn child at great risk.
  • Age – Women who are very old might fail to conceive or even carry a bay to its full term. Normally, the age range of 21 years to 39 years is considered to be the ideal time for a fertile woman to carry a baby properly to term. Surrogates or gestational carriers are always within that range.

The types of people above are the main ones who uses surrogates all over the world. However, there are other natural reasons why one might opt to have a child with a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy makes the dreams of many people to have biological children a reality and that is why it is highly valued. The privacy of families and parents should always be respected when it comes to surrogacy regardless of fame or social status. This is because some might not want to reveal the fact that they use surrogate mothers publicly. Who uses surrogates? Now you know.


After The Rain

FYI that is not my finger.

Its 1am in the morning and I’m finally done with all my assignments. I’m finally done with my history presentation earlier this morning, had a spring cleaning session with the boyfriend (laundry,kitchen,toilet & bedroom), had a good one hour run on the treadmill at the gym which felt fantastic, shopped, caught up with my fav tv series, played basketball, dinner and finally Paranormal Activity 3 to seal the perfect day. Its nice to work really hard and just take a day off; and give yourself a treat. My daily schedule for the next couple of weeks before my finals is pretty much fixed. Probably get up at 7am to study for 3 hours, hit the gym for about 2 hours, lunch and back to studying again.

For some reason, I feel really pumped up to do well for my finals. The last two weeks of intense work was a good kick start, and now its just a matter of following through. Perhaps its because I’m happy, its good to feel so loved and focused on my studies. There’s so much planned up for my post exam holidays, and us heading back to Malaysia is definitely something to look forward to. I want to travel, and I will; definitely, need to make another trip to Singapore and Bangkok. I’m currently working my butt off to get in good shape for photoshoots when I get home, taking good care of my skin & I can’t wait to get back to my fiery red head. 

Earlier today. They’ve upgraded the court at my place, so we’ve been doing some training for basketball. Basketball is such a huge part of my life, it helped me grew. 

He is training really hard to kick my butt. Try harder Leon!!! :p

Its purely an act. 

Last night. 

My Tuesday went a little like this. It was a crazy day rushing back and forth, we had a concert at Melba Hall for our World Music Choir subject which was pretty fun I must say.  In the middle of rehearsal, Leon was so pumped up that he beatbox to Georgian classical songs. Had a good performance, spent the entire day working on my assignment at his place before camping in uni. Well no more assignments!

I can proudly say, he’s mastered the art of camwhoring.  Well done.

I had no idea why he posed this way until I upload the picture and saw the background.

Anyway, I wrote the earlier half of the past last night and I just woke up. Its noon, and I finally have my well deserved rest.  Haven’t been in tact with my emotions lately, this is me on the happier side. I’m happy because we don’t talk about the past anymore; all that feels so far away now. Definitely gonna celebrate our half year mark next week, somehow what didn’t break us only made us stronger now. Its nice to feel to have a boyfriend who wants to hold your hands all the time, and who laughs at you laughing while you watch How I Met Your Mother.

I have a contagious laugh. Just ask Jasmine Hu

Thats us trying out the new Facebook video call. I’m liking the new facebook profile layout.

Thats Leon with his mo-hawk. I’m the one who suggested and did his mo-hawk. It was scary on the first try, but I think I’m pretty good at it now. I reckon he looks better now cause its not exactly an easy hairstyle to keep up with if you were to pay 10AUD a week. I should start charging.  The only thing is, I have to shave it on a weekly basis and I’ve been doing it for months! Don’t be surprised if you see me at some barber shop back in Malaysia, don’t be surprised!

The mo-hawk is definitely my pride and glory although he looks a tad bit too bad-boy (which I love btw). Oh well, we all grow out of hairstyle eventually. Gonna hit the gym & do grocery shopping now. Its gonna be a good day ahead, movie & dinner date with Melissa Yang. Shall blog about my Sydney Birthday trip soon!

Till then, thank you for reading. 

A Time Machine

Never one without the other, we made a pact.

I still listen to this every once in a while. I don’t know how great we sound together, but he’s my other half. Love songs just seems a whole lot more personal, and it’s always nice to look back. I like singing this song, pronouncing word by word because it’s just great lyrics. We keep all our promises, be us against the world. It’s my first time doing the harmonizing especially in the second verse instead of the usual. I’m not as well trained as the boyfriend, but he’s a good teacher. You should see how I repeat one line after another going in and out of tune.We’re looking to hopefully make a new cover very soon. If we can find the time that is. Sometimes it makes me sad, but sometimes it makes me happy too. Music brings us together. The final product always feels like a reward.

A Year Ago Today

Good day. Its such a nice feeling to look back, and just feel like you’ve come a pretty long way since I first touched down in Melbourne. Its almost as if I have a whole new take on life now, and an entirely different way of living. This would be my first time choosing my new home in Melbourne, my first time going through all the stress on packing up and etc. I don’t feel like talking much about my problems today, its December, the last month of the year; so I’m gonna make this count.
Last night at Urban Thai, hot pink lippie. 


A year ago today, I was miserable. I was probably still in the midst of having my post-dengue trauma which causes severe hair loss; and yeah it lasted all throughout November and December last year. If it wasn’t because of my originally thick hair; I think I would have looked bald. Yeah most people may joke or laugh about it, but its not the balding part that was scary; its the idea of waking up in the morning with your pillow filled with strands of hair. My most embarrassing moment was probably when I was at a friend’s place, sat on his couch; and ta-daaa one chunk of hair on his sofa. It was a pretty traumatic experience, doctor reassured me that once its all over; you’ll get it all back. Thank god it did, but it still scares me.

A year ago today, I was at a turning point. I’d like to believe so for the very least. There was so much going on at that point, things were messy and I think my sudden decision to leave Malaysia for Melbourne caused quite a bit of a problem. I remember being distant with my friends and family subconsciously; and if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have realized that I have that habit of keeping a distance because I really fear goodbyes. I knew one thing for sure last December; I wanted a change in my life. That was my ultimate goal.

I gave up my five year relationship with Alvin. I gave up my social life, and everything I’ve established myself with back home because I knew that those things don’t make me happy anymore. I needed something with substance, something from within, something that makes me happy regardless of all circumstances; I needed me. Nobody understood why I made the brutal call to just drop everything, and to start a new being a nobody; to lead a normal life away from all the privileges. It was my choice to not own a car in Melbourne, because I wanted to feel ordinary. My Malaysian ways, cruising in expensive cars at a young age might spoil you in some ways. I think sometimes it best to just count your blessings, and not live life for the sake of others.

I wanted a normal life. I wanted to suffer on my own. I’ve never really committed to any house chores, handled any bills, couldn’t cook for nuts, never had to do my own laundry, lets not start with grocery shopping; and now I can do it all. I needed to grow up and I know that i’ll never be able to really grow up till I leave home; if you don’t feed yourself, food is not gonna pop out of nowhere on its own.  I feel great about this current version of myself now, as much as there’s quite a lot of room for improvement; I like myself now. Its normal to feel like life demands the juice out of you as a teenager, but at some point, you have to step up your game and grow some serious guts to just move on to the next phase.

I’d like to consider myself lucky because I have amazing people in my life. I knew that there’ll always be someone to catch me when I fall, but I wanted to catch myself when I fall instead. Do you get what I mean? I wanted no back up plans, no one to cover my mess, no one to fill in any void; thats just being a child. I think the best thing about my rough patch with Leon in September sort of drove that side out of me. To catch myself when I fall, and I think I must have done that on a trampoline.  I know one thing is for sure, if the worst has happened; it can only get better. With or without a back up plan; I think i’m way stronger than I think I was.

My crazy boyfriend makes me really happy. I think that was the main reason why I couldn’t give it up. I’ve never been in a relationship with so much happiness and fun all the time. We’re both hilariously lame. We were at the Elsternwick train station last night, missed the train by FIVE seconds and so we had twenty minutes to kill. Leon said since I missed the gym today, I shall do some lifting and he just hugged me; and literally lifted me up. I said put me down and as always; he gave me a firm no. So for a moment I sounded like a chipmunk being squeezed like a soft toy and went on a loud eeeeeeeeeeelppppp. It was hilarious.

A year ago today, I was unhappy. Today, I know I am happy.

I was complaining last night about not being able to catch my tv series on his computer, I don’t fall asleep easily when I’m not at home; so in exchange I think he stayed up till I fell asleep. For some reason the table light in his room was left on, I can’t sleep with total darkness. As far as I remembered before falling asleep, the room ceiling lights were still on; so he probably left in on just in case I wake up in the middle of the night. Btw, I’m blogging from Leon’s home; my place is in a total mess with boxes packed up everywhere. This place reminds me of home.

Have a great weekend ahead. Remember to make it count! 
If you constantly like something its missing in your life, its highly possible that its you that’s missing.

A Thing About Kindness

Kindness is the hardest thing to give away,because it’ll always come around.

That’s my mum’s favorite line. She once mumbled that then I went like; hold on mum can you please repeat what you just said and let me type it out so that I won’t forget this. Turns out, it is true that the reason why we often see people hesitating when it comes to helping others its either because they don’t see a point in wasting their time and effort, there’s no benefit/reward, or sometimes when kindness is being unappreciated. People who’d rather be more obsessed in being fearful of giving out kindness; even a simple deed like giving away your seat on the bus to someone who’s NOT PREGNANT OR OLD but carrying loads of stuff is still an act of kindness.

You don’t need to find a reason to convince yourself that you should be kind today, right now or tomorrow; instill that value in you and you’d be surprise how it may come around when you least expect it. Haven’t you witnessed any situations in particular where you can’t comprehend why this person would do this for this other person although its not exactly a beneficial situation on his/her end? I’ve always had this odd situation where people tend to take my niceness wrongly, like they don’t get how come Ellie is so nice and friendly wtf; that sometimes it gets misinterpreted and judged. There is a mean and unfriendly side of me but I just choose not to bring out the other side of me. We all have our angels and demons deep within, so choose very wisely.

Truth is, I like seeing people around me happy and I do enjoy living a tiny impact on others’ lives. Even a tiny one would do, and lets just say its one life lesson learned growing up; where there was just this one moment where I wished that how I wish that there’d be this one random act of kindness from a friend to pull me out of a shit hole. Ask yourself this, we all don’t believe in the existence of kindness because you’ve not stumbled across one kind person working their magic on you.

Be that person, start doing one and you’ll be amazed how it changes your world forever. People may misunderstand you, wtf why is she so nice with a list of bad assumptions that follows; but once they get over themselves, they’ll realize that she’s genuinely nice and kind.   People walk with their eyes wide open, but they simple choose to shut their hearts out. Open up and you’ll realize that you’ve been leaving many people who’s knocked on your doors un answered.

With cousin Alysse in Melbourne yesterday. I’ve been more active on with my whereabouts and pictures here in Melbourne; so do follow me on twitter if you’d like to get updates. 

Do you turn left, when nothing is right? Or do you turn right, when there’s nothing left?

A Confession of Character

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. 

  1. Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catchingWe come across people with good and bad attitude in the way they perceive life, but the ones which stays attractive are the people who gives out good vibes about themselves.
  2. Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same. Happiness is something that you choose to own, misery works the same way too. Some people who appear so miserable and unhappy about life itself succumbed to the fact that life can never turn around for the better; and even if it does, thats as good as it can get. On a contrary, which successful and happy individual who’s never gone through hell and misery? Its their positive outtake in life that drives them forward; whereas the ones who chooses to live in misery stays miserable going around in circles.
  3. If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Its funny when we hear people complaining and whining about how much they don’t like this and that with a list that stretches on longer than Rapunzel’s hair. If we reflect upon the bigger happier and larger picture in life, all the little things which gets on the dislike list are the self inflicted petty issues to create more excitement is a an empty and meaningless life. They outsource to tap on a slight glitch of happiness.
  4. The only disability in life is a bad attitude. How bad can life be if you possess a good attitude? Just look around you.
  5. Nothing is interesting if you’re not interested. This can be applied on me at the moment with my work or perhaps on yours. Studies/work sucks when we’ve no interest or the other word is ‘passion’ for them.
  6. People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them. If you’re ever blunt honest with yourself, all the dissatisfaction that you have about something all boils down to something from within. We may frame our opinions to suit our imposing views on them, but we all know that more than half the time it is exaggerated & misinterpreted. If you’re driven by diesel instead of fuel, don’t bother driving forward.
  7. People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character. I personally like the word ‘confession of a character’ because it is true. Personal opinions reflects character. You place yourself in a position to get judged for what you think. Here’s a thing though, opinions thats plastered using masked positive quotes usually reflects otherwise.
  8. Unhappiness is best defined as the difference between our talents and our expectations.We can start by asking ourselves, why am I so unhappy on a daily basis? Talents is what we’re capable of, and meeting them comes with expectations. If you own none, thats misery.

You’d better like this post.

“Do not put up with people who’re reckless with your heart.”-The Keeper

A Beautiful Disaster

Have you ever wondered if every step you take, you’re taking a step closer going six feet under? I don’t know how to put all this odd feelings into words, but it still sends a shiver down my spine thinking about the consequences. Sometimes I don’t know if I should blame it due to bad luck or is it true that my time is up? I know I’ve always said that I don’t fear death, and I’m always ready to just live life to its fullest; sadly I don’t think I’ve done enough.

Feels like I’ve not left an impact on the world yet, what if its my time to go?

Everytime I walk out of the shower, I resist touching my hair like how I used to.

Dear lord, how did it all get so wrong?

Would you forget me if I were to vanish?

Strand by strand, as I watch it fall. It sends this odd scary sensation giving cold sweat & one thing which I used to take for granted; yeah its beautiful, now not so much anymore. I’ve always held on so tightly to faith that things will always get better; have I not been doing it right? Its like a beautiful disaster; with everything looking so pretty and wonderful, but yet its still remarkably scarred. If I could paint it all in a picture about how dark and cold it feels when you’re left with no option but to go through with it; I’d paint a white canvas with splats of black paint in different shades.

Not every disaster begin with the letter D, but for mine; perhaps it does.

10 Pair of Tickets:The Other Guys


Good day readers. Here’s my way of making it up to you for disappearing on and off for quite a while.  Thanks to Sony Pictures, Advertlets are happy to invite you to the preview screening of “The Other Guys” this 12 October 2010.


NYPD Detectives Christopher Danson and P.K. Highsmith (Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson) are the baddest and most beloved cops in New York City. They don’t get tattoos – other men get tattoos of them. Two desks over and one back, sit Detectives Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg). You’ve seen them in the background of photos of Danson and Highsmith, out of focus and eyes closed. They’re not heroes – they’re “the Other Guys.”

But every cop has his or her day and soon Gamble and Hoitz stumble into a seemingly innocuous case no other detective wants to touch that could turn into New York City’s biggest crime. It’s the opportunity of their lives, but do these guys have the right stuff?