Who Uses Surrogates?

Surrogacy is a concept that has been widely explored even in the past. All surrogates are different and there are numerous factors that have the potential of influencing a surrogacy experience.

The main types of surrogacy are international or domestic, agency-assisted or independent, altruistic or compensated, traditional or gestational. These are all the available options that can be explored. This is why it is best to be aware and fully informed of every possible option.

Selection of a particular one depends on the needs. Just like Surrogate Parenting Services – a surrogacy agency, they have process for the surrogates and the intended parents. Continue reading the blog below especially if you are the intended parents or the surrogate itself. 

Who uses surrogates?

It is good to know exactly who uses surrogates, they include the following:

  • Same-sex couples – Many gay couples especially men sometimes utilize donated eggs as well as the services of surrogate mothers in creating a family. It is a practice that is rapidly growing and is also gaining public acceptance. In addition, the medical community has validated it.
  • Personal decision – Some people make personal choices regarding using surrogates. This makes it a social choice rather than a medical one for such people. Modern families support the idea that all people have the right to build their families in ways that support personal choices i.e. surrogacy.
  • Uterine structural problem – Some women have uterine defects or inherent conditions that makes child conception a challenge. Alternatively, this might make carrying a child to term impossible. In some instances, malformation of a woman’s uterus might have a minimal impact on conception but might affect properly carrying a child to term.
  • Lack of uterus – There are rare genetic malformations that may make a woman to lack a uterus. Some women have also had the uterus medically removed as a measure of managing cancer. Lack of a uterus eliminates all possibilities of a woman bearing a child.
  • Medical conditions – Some women suffer from medical conditions that affect the ability of a woman to carry a child rather than her ability to conceive one. Mostly, carrying a healthy baby to its full term is difficult because her health will deteriorate. There are also medications that might be administered for the treatment of unrelated health problems that might put the health of an unborn child at great risk.
  • Age – Women who are very old might fail to conceive or even carry a bay to its full term. Normally, the age range of 21 years to 39 years is considered to be the ideal time for a fertile woman to carry a baby properly to term. Surrogates or gestational carriers are always within that range.

The types of people above are the main ones who uses surrogates all over the world. However, there are other natural reasons why one might opt to have a child with a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy makes the dreams of many people to have biological children a reality and that is why it is highly valued. The privacy of families and parents should always be respected when it comes to surrogacy regardless of fame or social status. This is because some might not want to reveal the fact that they use surrogate mothers publicly. Who uses surrogates? Now you know.